Singer and songwriter Ramiro Alonso Orellana-Guzman, known by his stage name Jack Mozie, released the video for “Jump” . “Jump” is a Jack Mozie message song about immigration reform that is LGBTQ-Inclusive. Born and raised until the age of 12 in Lima, Peru, Jack immigrated to the United States with his mother and little sister. The issue of immigration reform is important for Mozie because he’s personally witnessed the injustice of the American immigration system and he identifies as a gay man. “Jump” is an emotionally-charged pop single that Jack hopes will become the anthem of the LGBTQ immigration reform. Also on the album is the song “Tina,” which he wrote about crystal meth (Tina is a nickname for the drug). In it, Mozie sings about Tina as if she were a friend or love interest. Although ‘Tina’ is a message song, Mozie has penned a Gay dance club favorite – which he says is appropriate because that is where many of the young men in his age group use the drug. Mozie will donate a portion of the proceeds to Seattle Counseling Service’s Project NEON, a crystal meth recovery group for gay men in Seattle. As a child, in Peru, he showed interest in music at a very young age. He began performing in school and taking music classes from the age of six. At the age of twelve, his mother brought him to Seattle where he would spend his teen years and develop as a songwriter. Jack Mozie released his first album, Sealed For Your Protection, at the age of 21 under the name “Ramiro”. He is mostly known for his songs “Society”, “Candy”, and “Save Me”. Influenced by many artists such as Shakira and Queen, Jack has adopted a pop rock style to his music, however, his influences are not just limited to pop. Jack was exposed to folk and pop music from other countries and languages at a young age. Every day growing up was a new style and genre of music. Jack Mozie recently released his second album, Iron Fist, on April 23. The album is available on itunes. To find out more about Jack Mozie, like where he will perform next or listen to remixes of his songs, visit him at